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Regardless of the innovations brought to tool technology over the years, one constant remains: Quality fasteners significantly improve the integrity of the job, regardless of whether it is new construction, remodeling or the endless variety of industrial applications in which SENCO fasteners are used.

SENCO designs, manufactures and delivers more than 750 types, styles and sizes of fasteners for customers around the world. Our fastening engineers and production personnel work long and hard to ensure that the fasteners you buy perform to the standards you have come to expect. This includes utilizing our in-house lab and test equipment located in the Cincinnati fastener production facility.

No matter where – or what – your next job is, if it demands collated nails, staples or screws that drive easily and completely, with fewer jams – and meet the construction industry’s performance codes - demand SENCO fasteners. We Know Fastening.

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SENCO Knows Fasteners


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