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Composite Decking

Composite Decking
Item CodeLengthDiameterHeadPointFinishCoatingCarton Count
08R250S2 1/2"#2 Square TrimType 17 (Cut)Stainless 304800
08S300W5963"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Red800
08R250W2 1/2"#2 Square TrimType 17 (Cut)Exterior800
08R300W3"#2 Square TrimType 17 (Cut)Exterior800
08S250W0032 1/2"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Gray800
08S250W5922 1/2"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Tan800
08S250W5962 1/2"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Red800
08S250W4972 1/2"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Brown800
08S300W0033"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Gray800
08S300W5923"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Tan800
08S300W4973"#2 Square Cupped-PanSharpExterior/Brown800

PRO TIPSspacer
Nylon Washer Installation
I have a Senco M2 stapler. I had an air leak issue, so I’m installing some new o-rings and seals. One of the seals is the LB5005 made from some kind of nylon/plastic material. How do you install the LB5005 into its groove? And, what direction should the big flat edge of the LB5005 face when installed properly?



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