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Interior Wood to Wood

Interior Wood to Wood
Item CodeLengthDiameterHeadPointFinishCoatingCarton Count
08F150Y1 1/2"#2 Square FlatSharpYellow Zinc1,000
08F175Y1 3/4"#2 Square FlatSharpYellow Zinc1,000
08F200Y2"#2 Square FlatSharpYellow Zinc1,000
10F200Y2"#2 Square FlatSharpYellow Zinc800
08F250Y2 1/2"#2 Square FlatSharpYellow Zinc800
08F300Y3"#2 Square FlatSharpYellow Zinc800

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Identification of Older SENCO Models
I need to be able to identify what kind of staples to drive with some older SENCO tool models. What do I need to look for on the tools?



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